Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tues 17th June

Evenin' all,

Today saw the funeral of Dave Mee, one of our longtime stalwarts. As a
result, many members attended the service. A few turned up and a
scratch working party was assembled.

Some scrap rail was cut up and conveyed to the skip. The assorted
chairs and spacers were taken into stores. One sleeper on the Pit road
itself was changed and a joint was packed. Two further crossing timbers
were brought up for changing in the next few days. Two concrete
sleepers were lifted from the swamp area and moved so that spare
equipment can be relocated in the site. Some sorting out of the stores
area was also carried out.

'Wee' sorry, the small green loco had her reversing system overhauled
and painted ready for to start refitting next week.

Some paying guests spent the first of a few days with us adding bits
and pieces to the Tube lines Test Site

The Schools team were out and about in local schools as part of an
ongoing project. Vince decided to return to base for lunch - he can
still remember school dinners!

A handful of visitors attended and preperations continued for the
Teddy Bear weekend.



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