Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tues 10th June.

Evenin' all,

Our clients were her by 0800 this morning and a very successful day
was had. Another slight variation on a theme, resulted in the sales
team from this firm having their 'team hug' in the GLV this morning. A
short trip at lunchtime followed by a lot of practical per way work for
them this afternoon, finishing after 1715. The first time that this
international company have carried out such a meeting in such a
location - they usually use Hotels or rail based training centres.
Wirksworth ticked all of the right boxes. This contact made via the NEC
rail exhibition earlier this year.

Elsewhere, the Landrover conveying the VCT headed down to the Old Lane
area to continue tidying the estate, by disposing of precut brash. Alan
Taylor left the team and continued the repainting of Gorsey Bank
crossing. David Newby carried out routine maintenance of the lighting
systems at the crossings, as well as seeing to other electrical works
around the yard.

The Per way team zoomed down the Ken Rowlands crossing area to
continue the fishplate lubrication - with the new stuff one could
hardly call it greasing- despite some tricky bolts and a rapid rise in
rail temperature, the team are well south of the crossing now. Some
ballast fettling was also achieved as was some spike work.

The Wee Yorkie team, sorry I mustn't say that, one of the two 0-4-0 ST
answering to No 3. You know, one of the two presently in bits, had its
top coat applied to the frames. It is now in 'Fern Green' similar to
LNER green, and really looks quite presentable. Catherine (Kathryn etc)
the blue 0-6-0 had more blue protective paint applied.

The Narrow Gauge team moved loads of wood around the place, however
the decking didn't arrive (decking!!), this should arrive tomorrow.
Work also progressed on the Shark.

Martin returned early from the continent, due to the wet weather, and
the fact that he couldn't keep away (its not just me then) Some new
referalls were followed up, and once again we may get some more
visitors working on site.

Tomorrow sees the Per way team carrying out more routine work along
the line.