Thursday, 26 June 2008

Thursday 26th June 2008

Dear all
As yesterday, a very great deal of time was spent securing the hire of two machines necessary to support the professionals who are arriving to sheet the maintenance facility. Yes, this part of that project is due to start tomorrow and run through next week to the great satisfaction of all involved in loco and dmu maintenance - they will be wanting heating next!
More energy was expended on preparing for L5's arrival tomorrow from LH Group for testing on the TBTC test track all next week. A check of the Car Park siding and Road 1 through to Gorsey Bank was made to ensure our infrastructure was ready to receive the vehicle. The route to the pit was also inspected so the L5 can move over there safely if running repairs and adjustments are necessary.
Largely hidden from view, the Shark received further attention to its rather dilapidated bodywork and the housekeeping team gave the Mess Hall a good going over. The VCT had a very good day by starting with vegetation clearance around the north side of the damage Derby Road bridge so that scaffolders will be able to assess the site more easily and then turned their attention to south of Idridgehay. Views are being opened up and the Railway is becoming much more visible from the Duffield to Wirksworth road.
A very small and dedicated PW team resolved a particularly difficult rail joint that had been temporarily "fly plated" at close of play yesterday. (fly plating is where only one side of a rail joint can be properly bolted up)They then turned their attention to the checks for L5.
Late in the day a charter to Ravenstor was provided for the "Kids Club", an after school group, but they abandoned their planned tour of the Yard because the heavens opened but agreed to return when the weather was more clement.
All in all, a busy, frustrating at times, productive day.