Thursday, 12 June 2008

Thursday 12th June 2008

Dear all
A combined VCT and Permanent Way Team headed for the Derby Road bridge area south of Idridgehay achieving a major push in the clearance of the line between Idridgehay and Duffield. Two minds were brought to bare on the pit road point and successfully resolved it fitting snugly.
Shark repair work was in progress and some of  "Wee Yorkie's" parts were painted.
Michael Mee, Dave's brother, visited the site to return Dave's collection of keys and was quite moved to see the Union Flag being flown at half mast in his honour.
The Booking Hall had a new clerk in the shape of our Finance Manager who managed to bring our accounts up to date and conduct a teach in for EVRA's new treasurer. He also welcomed a few hardy visitors on what has been a fairly miserable day.