Thursday, 5 June 2008

Thurs 5th June

Evenin' all,

Another day of testing for our client who has been with us for nearly
two weeks. They have been putting their equipment through exhaustive
tests and have learnt a great deal.

On the Narrow gauge line, the last sleepers have been laid into the
'platform' at the waterfall end of the line. The Lister was run up and
some vehicle testing took part to act as a gauging train.

The Per way team carried on working on the Pit road turnout and
associated panels, some stone was dropped and a start made onpacking
the track. Rail gaps were set (Today's rail temperature reached 34
degrees) One of our rail grinders was brought back to life, and some
tests were carried out with it to take some of the lip off the rail
head. Please note that the route over the pit road turnout is still out
of use.

The VCT again split into two, whilst one part were painting Gorsey
Bank gates, the rest were down the line clearing precut brash and
burning off.



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