Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sunday 1st June 2008

Dear all,

A day in which we were moist in parts, very moist in almost all parts.

Miss Toseland's P-way gang set off manfully at sun up (09.45) and applied themselves to the regulation of ballast at 40 steps in torrential rain, followed by a grand tour of the line due to landrover manoeuvring difficulties at Shottle. In addition work was then undertaken in repair of the viewpoint and at the grand (and little used) entrance to Ravenstor Station at Ravenstor Road.

The days conscripts attended to the usually prescribed landscaping and earth moving activities.

The sound of hammering reverberated around the Gat Ex as the Stewarts Lane Maintenance Handbook was read in one hand and the hammer applied in the other. In light of the afternoon's booked activity, essential repairs were carried out to a step on the FO.

In due course the afternoon's booked activity arrived with balloons and parents and a jolly time was had by all, followed by a trip to Ravenstor on the 14.50 Happy Day Express. This was itself followed by another session of spreading jelly and crisps in the second class dining car accompanied by a gargantuan queue for the toilets. The departure of the party was followed by a mammoth cleaning operation, which will have to have a follow-up during the week. I am most grateful to all who rolled their sleeves up whilst on their hands and knees, in which is contained a salutary lesson about children's parties.

All the best,