Sunday, 22 June 2008

Progress Report Sunday 22nd June 2008

Dear all,

A drier day than yesterday and sufficiently windy to bring tree branches
onto the line designed to keep the guards exercised when they were not
practising the Gorsey Bank gater's two-step. The Happy Day Express ran
happily all day with a steady flow of passengers, many from as far
afield as Ilkeston, where surprise random advertising had appeared in
the Ilkeston Investigator instead of that planned for the Belper
Trumpet. This and the correctly placed advert in the Derby Telegraph
brought in a number of passengers who had never enjoyed the delights of
our line before. No records were broken but we certainly did better than
last year notwithstanding yesterday's lousy weather.

A magistrate of conscripts attended to the day's only other work, which
was to address the two box vans (Fanny and Johnny) which arrived from
another railway on Thursday in a state of high rust. A large number of
wire brushes were given out and much rust removed, this was followed by
a little modest preparatory work and topped off by the application to
the strapping of one of the vans of Mr Shone's Improved Box Van Pink.
Further applications will follow.

All the best,