Sunday, 15 June 2008

Progress Report Sunday 15th June 2008

Dear all,

Mr John Ball, esteemed Duty Manager of this railway, was regrettably
unable to overcome the intransigence of the General Manager's computer,
for which it is famed throughout Christendom, and has asked me to convey
to you his report:

"A bright day of sunny parts in which a modest passenger business was
done on the Ravenstor service and in the buffet. A gentleman of Kent had
an afternoon with Ferrybridge no 3 and further parts were painted. Work
continued on the narrow gauge and Waterfall Terminus appears to be
taking shape. The Station Supervisor from Duffield attended and conveyed
news of the effectiveness of the new water pumping system at that
Station, designed to save Jaime toiling round to the mainline platform
with 300 cups of water a day for the plants.

The Passenger Manager, fresh from a hangover and an attempt to demolish
Buxton with a BBC rock, apprehended a large number of conscripts in the
Mess Room and these were soon whipped, whipped I say, into a frenzy of
activity. Ten potholes were filled on the station approach and this has
used almost the entire tarmac allocation for the whole year. On another
front Billings Landscapers and Scrapers addressed the embankment below
North End footpath and this has now been levelled, top soiled and grass
seeded. More aggregate related work was achieved around the micro
container next to the Kave cabin and finally the entire wide-way between
the incline line and the Gat Ex line has been seeded and doubtless will
presently explode into a large grass cutting opportunity.

All the best,