Monday, 30 June 2008

Monday 30th June 2008

Dear all
Well we are halfway through the year! We welcomed the Tube Lines and Thales team to commence testing with L18 treating them to the warmth of Derbyshire and a special bonus of a journey on Iris which undertook some fault finding trips.
The Maintenance Facility is now partially covered despite the late delivery of plant hired in for the project and is looking really good. The translucent roof panels deliver a surprising amount of light into the structure.
All our fleet of fire extinguishers, a total of 42 would you believe it?, received their annual inspection and a 43rd was purchased for the Booking Hall in case the till overheats with activity and catches fire. The Buffet Car team will be pleased that running water is now plumbed in to the header tank.
The Incline received further weed treatment as did the site of the Shottle loop and yard. A start was made on the Permanent Way side of the Dash for Duffield with sleepers marked up for changing between the Shottle Yard pointwork and the north end of the station ramp that yielded a grand total of 134! (134x£15=£2015) Just shows the mountain we have to climb.
The Booking Hall entertained a number of visitors yielding a few sales.
A pleasant day.
PS - a mention should be made of yesterday's permanent way gang which achieved a little ballast fettling north of the Idridgehay cutting and then moved on to systematically cover the catch pits in the Duffield area. Robin recorded this activity, pit by pit, which has produced a useful record of the work undertaken - a job well done. Some clearance of the moss from Shottle platform has improved the vista there and both the Landrover and Multicar had a valet. Many thanks for this productive activity.