Friday, 6 June 2008

Friday 6th June

Evenin' all,

A quiet and relatively peacefull day, saw the departure of our yellow
vehicle that has been on test fot the last couple of weeks, As I write
this, it is on its way to foreign climes.

Some track inspection work on the Idridgehay line , to ensure that all
was well, and a little more work in the yard.

A new guest was given the grand tour and various training oportunites
were explained.

Jobs for the weekend will include ballast bashing at Barnsley Lane
area (there is no need to check the line to Duffield).

The site by the Pit Road turnout renewal is to remain as it is. Some
paying guests are working there on Tuesday, so old sleepers and other
bits and pieces will remain in situ, they will also be working on the
ballast. The line inself at this point has not been packed on the panel
between the Pit Road and the Water Crane siding, and cannot be classed
as fit for traffic. It can be transversed in an emergency at dead slow
speed and with someone walking alongside. Should the Pit Road need to
be accessed, a Point Clip must be used.



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