Friday, 20 June 2008

Friday 21st June 2008

Dear all
A pleasant day with the last charter for Wirksworth C of E school at the end of their Railways Week. The children were ably hosted by JHT who went on to fill a staffing gap in the Booking Hall. I am sure our role in the community and the benefits we bring are much more widely understood.
Ian the Australian had a full day inspecting and fettling our dmu doors before leaving us for two weeks holiday.
Preparations took place for the Teddy Bears weekend with much photocopying and balloon inflation.
The track patrol team completed one of the three outstanding level crossing tasks which was to secure the southern concrete road panel against any movement. The two remaining tasks should be completed next Wednesday so we can put this project to bed. The team then took a detailed look at the section between Edwards crossing at Duffield and milepost 134 achieving some remedial work as they progressed.
Our "light" steel skip was exchanged yielding £95 for what 12 months ago we would have paid to be taken away! This encouraged further fishplate bolt sorting and discovery of a little more scrap.
All in all, a good day.