Friday, 30 May 2008

Friday 30th May 2008

Dear all
On one front,  a day of studied inactivity as we awaited the requests of our customer. Modifications to the test vehicle occupied the day and a further week of shake down will be required next week - we are obviously here to serve and help build the coffers for today's purchases.
A consignment of aluminium trim arrived for the Incline dmu and 100 first class sleepers were decanted onto the Lowmac - the lorry driver's daughter, aged around 10, had never travelled by train! This omission was rectified as we were having a driver training day on the Incline - I suspect the experience was underwhelming!
The narrow gauge project continued and the dmu fleet had maintenance and clean day.
The Booking Hall welcomed visitors and benefited from our customer. The Buffet Car was readied for the weekend.
40 tonnes of white gold was distributed on the Wirksworth - Idridgehay section to build up the shoulders and deposit enough to fill the "muddy bits"
We are now poised, after next week's endeavours in the Yard, to commence the Dash to Duffield (after completion of fishplate greasing), this is a little earlier than planned but the start has benefited from customer activity and a generous further share take up.
Onwards and upwards

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Thursday 29th May 2008

Dear all
A most satisfactory day on many fronts. Sperry Rail spent another day tending to their new vehicle and we stood by to move it if required. During the standing by period opportunity was taken to sparkle Kimberley and she now gleams!
Goodies arrived in the form of a fuel delivery enabling the Bubble Car, Iris and the Met-Cams to have a top up, ballast arrived for remedial work on the Idridgehay section and the planned point work replacement in the yard next week and brand new fishplate grease was delivered that should make application a much more palatable task. To top this generosity, 100 sleepers will arrive tomorrow to encourage the Permanent Way team. All this largess adds up to £3000+ and must be used very, very wisely!
The VCT had a most productive day with crossing gate painting at Gorsey Bank, fence repairs and tree felling on Bournebrook Avenue (for the benefit of neighbours), improvement of the Hannages footpath sightlines, disposal of pre-cut brash south of Idridgehay and a start made on the major clearance alongside Holloway Road at Duffield together with trimming the worst of the overhanging branches en route - not bad!
A few Bubble Car trips were made to mop up visitor demand and painting of the Wirksworth structures continued.
The narrow gauge project continued with only 58ft to go to Waterfall Halt.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Wed 28th May

Evenin' all,

A rather damp and drizzly day which ended in a cloudburst.

A lot of stock movements around the yard in order to move things into
position for the restriction on movements next week, when pointwork
will be removed. In connection with that, the per-way team moved two
60' replacement rails around the yard and then removed time expired
sleepers snd crossing timbers to the home for retired sleepers near
Barnsley Lane. They also proceeded to Idridgehay cutting where more
drainage work was carried out.

The brake blocks on one of the 03's were removed as part of normal
servicing, whilst Iris and the Bubble car were moved. The Bubble car
ran the Incline service, which saw quite a number of passengers, the
Buffet also had a constant trickle of customers.

Workers on the Narrow Gauge line turned up mob handed and more track
was laid and materials relocated.

Yesterday's other customer arrived today , at lunchtime, and proceeded
to offload and set up, their vehicle was moved and soon resulted in a
small problem being encountered. This was ideal as this brand new
vehicle had a slight operational problem which could not be sorted out
in the factory, it was only in working mode that the problem was
discovered. It will easily be rectified before going to a customer when
it leaves Wirksworth. We are very good at this sort of testing, the new
customer then has a new vehicle that works first time.

Generaly a busy day with much activity


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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tues 27th May

Evenin' all,

After the nice weather of the past few weeks, today has seen a return
to winter, with low cloud and drizzle all day. A Customer arrived and
had a whole line test, we managed to complete the Incline test well
before the first Ravenstor service train ran. With the damp conditions,
the branches down the line are hanging low south of Shottle,
fortunately the vehicle has yet to have a repaint! There is tons of
work for the VCT including a couple of places requiring urgent
The VCT have been working on the Station Entrance gates as well as
other fencing tasks around the yard.
The Per way team completed digging out sleepers around the pointwork
leading to the Pit Road. They also collected replacement timbers for
that point. The new switch panel was also cleaned ready fo
installation. The IMT ran to Duffield and were able to tackle two bad
patches of vegetation, one in Idridgehay cutting, the other south of
Hazlewood. They also managed some work at Shottle
Some more logs were split by the firewood dept , and the Wee Yorkie
team along with others carried out work in and around the Maintainance
area including some survey work.
As stated the Incline service ran and carried a few passengers. Our
expected second customer got delayed and will now be arriving in the
morning for a few days testing.


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Monday, 26 May 2008

Mon 26th May

Evenin' all,

With the weasther forcast predicting storm and tempest we had a most
enjoyable carnival day, with record attendances. The 03 ran the Incline
service the Met Cam running the first four Idridgehay trains followed
by the Bubble car for the last few. Dolly was on the Gorsey Bank line,
in other words three seperate revenue earning trains in operation at
the same time.Not bad. One of the Idridgehay services ran with 100%
occupancy (we had to stop people getting on) and another with about 90%
occupancy. The majority of trains ran over 50% full. The Buffet car was
at full stretch and poor Julie was working flat out all day (Note, we
must get more Buffet car staff on duty)

With the increased parking capability we were pleasantly full all day.
Many used our carpark and paid to leave the car and visit the Carnival.
Others claimed their refunds and used the trains. All in all we took
over £1800 today alone. Once again another of our very succesfull days.
It was also interesting that we had visitors from two other railways
who were facinated by our operations, one of whom was very
complimentary and jotted down ideas to copy for their line (One of the
Premier league lines).

A hugely successful day, well done all.

Tomorrow sees the Incline service continuing - if there is any fuel
left, and a start on a very testing week, with whole line testing
tomorrow Other activities confined to the yard.

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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Image Galleries Updated

Good evening,

A quick update to inform you all that following Rickard Buckby’s return from holiday, combined with a expedition from the Global Marketing Department (er, me) yesterday, the ‘Running a Railway’ and ‘Dash to Duffield’ galleries have been updated.

See for all the latest images, including shots of our ‘forgotten’ station at Hazelwood.

Kind regards,


Saturday, 24 May 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Carnival Service Train

Evening all,

It emerges tonight, that there is a 90% probability that services between Wirksworth and Idridgehay will be operated by M79900 "Iris" coupled with M55006 "Bubble Car" running together for Sunday and Monday of the Carnival weekend.


Bank Holiday Saturday 24th May 2008

Dear all
A sense of pride as the well honed and planned Bank Holiday arrangements smoothly came into play. The weather was kind and our scheduled services to Idridgehay and Ravenstor ran with decent loads. We experimented with offering cab rides on the Gorsey Bank line with Dolly at £3 a head and this proved to be quite popular. The Buffet Car team had a successful day and the Booking Hall ably coped with our visitors. The EVRA shop was trading and, again, had a good day. Our "Event Day" activities require a minimum of 12 people and I am grateful to all who turned out to make today work so well.
Our Independent Safety Officer took the opportunity to review the Idridgehay and Ravenstor operations.
Away from all this activity a starter motor was exchanged on the "Bubble Car" and the recently acquired lathe was powered up. Roy(72) and Les(77) applied their own home brewed green paint to two containers with good effect.
All in all a most satisfactory day.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Friday 23rd May 2008

Dear all
Today has been the lull before the storm with seven days of intense activity before us. The Bank Holiday weather set in this afternoon but the preparations for the weekend are complete and we await the customers.
An omission from yesterday' s report was the commencement of the top coating of the Gorsey Bank crossing gates together with the associated fencing. We would like to complete this within the next three weeks as there will be a formal inspection of the two new installations then. Anyone who can help Alan Taylor would be made welcome on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The IMT conducted inspections of the Gorsey Bank and Idridgehay passenger lines. Roy (72) and Les (77) mixed paint from redundant dregs we seem to have accumulated over the years to create a very large pot of something akin to a camouflage green - this for application on the exterior of our container farm alongside the Incline.
The narrow gauge project progressed with track nearly to the Waterfall terminus and the Buffet was readied for the weekend.
The Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors and field the usual phone calls. Next week sees three paying guests on site, one of which is with us for four days - it is famine and feast time!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Thursday 22nd May 2008

Dear all
A curate's egg of a day with many small tasks contributing to the whole. The stock of logs north of Cemetery Lane was raided and a delivery made to the logging dept. who were at work today trying to make an impact on their heap.
Claire was topped up with fuel and received routine maintenance. Dolly was cleaned for the first time in many years to be presentable for the forthcoming weekend and Margaret-Ann was paired with the Incline Coach.
A new Thursday recruit was introduced to painting and has made a start at repainting the Training Room. I hope he will sparkle up many structures and vehicles over the next few weeks and that practise will make perfect.
The narrow gauge project progressed beyond Cemetery Lane ( may be the precursor of the Rowsley project ) and the Booking Hall welcomed a number of visitors during a warm and pleasant day.
The main excitement of the day was the VCT finding a genuine Midland Railway water pipe at the entrance to Station Road during their efforts to restyle the area. Henshaw & Newby Plumbing Company sprang into action and the ability to make tea was restored in record time. This flurry masked the celebration of hanging the first of the new entrance gates - as ever the end product will be splendid.
All in all a satisfying and productive day.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Wed 21st May

Evenin' all,

What with people on site testing from 0800, plus Toffo's taxi, on site
by 0800, it was certainly an early start - before the heat of the noon
day sun! The testing was for a new company and was accompanied by
Network Rail. The ambitious test including manually pushing 2 tons of
ballast up the Incline on 3 trollies and rearranging it at Cromford
road. Various runs done in dry as well as wet conditions. The company
were very impressed with our track and facilities, as well as the
helpful staff members that they met. Once again they commented on the
tidyness of the site. They have used other railways before but were
generous in their praise. The only downside being that at lunchtime and
following completion of their work they went into the city centre of
Wirksworth for a nice pub meal, but they were all closed (After all it
is only May) they had to satisfy themselves with a visit to Costas.

The testing meant a slight delay for the Incline service, but owing to
some technical problems no one really noticed.
'Kimberley' alias 'Dolly' was moved to platform 1 ready for the
weekend, whilst the green 03 had a check up ready for its duties over
the weekend.

The Per- way team scuttled off down the line, and busied themselves
with some light digging of spoil and ballast bashing between Ken
Rowlands and MP 140. The area is much improved, they also transported
some ballast from below Barnsley lane back to the crossing to fill in
holes.. They were puzzled to see that between yesterday morning and
this morning some blue lines have been added to our track by Ken
Rowlands crossing. It appears that a certain water board are planning
to install some new water pipes across the tracks, and have dared to
venture onto an operational railway, at a whim, and to start the
prepping work, without so much as a by your leave. What next, one of
our trains thundering to Idridgehay is suddenly confronted by missing
track whilst some chummy is seen lounging on a shovel? Steps are being
taken - Martin's eyes lit up at the prospect of income.

With the Ravenstor service running a group and many passengers availed
themselves of the trip.

More work was carried out on the Narrow gauge line, repairs were
carried out to the Dumper following electrical supply problems, and
more wood was chopped.

Following an increase in telephone activity, next week will be pretty
busy with Testing in various forms. Once again space will be at a
premium as both roads 1 and 2 will need to be wheels free at close of
play on Monday.


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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Tues 20th May

Evenin' all,

Another warm and sunny day saw all activity at the northern end of the
line. The VCT (AKA the fencing and Boundary team) spent the day fencing
and carrying out further work at the station entrance and its environs.

In the Shed area, Toffo was preparred for onwards movement, and by
close of play was sitting redy for an early departure.

The decoating gang had a bit of a field day with Wee Yorkie. The
frames were painted a tasteful sort of green colour - the sort of
colour that one turns after 20 pints followed by a rough sea crossing!
So I am told. I am assured that the colour is absolutely the last word
in haute couture, and that Lawrence Llewelyn swears by it.

Meanwhile the per way team had a very fruitful day. A rail was turned
on the Incline to regulate wear. The opportunity was also taken to
respace 4 panels of track where the rails had creapt over the last few
years, this should improve the run.At the same time a rail was noticed
in the long grass. A quick scintific inspection revealed that it was
the left hand stock rail of an 'A' bullhead switch. This was reovered
after luncheon was taken . The rail was relocated to the entrance to
the Pit road, where we are strengthening/ replacing the existing
turnout. Close examination shows the left hand switch blade has very
little wear whilst the rest is very lightweight, and we now have the
parts to carry out a major rebuild. The old sleepers for the switch
panel were also dug out. This may be carried out next week, we will
have to have a two day possession to carry out the work as it is quite
a big job - but once again using what we have to hand.

The passenger services dept had a few visitors and many phone calls,
whilst the loggging department restocked their supplies.

Tomorrow sees a newcustomer on site for 0800 they will be using the
yard. The works train will be working down the line south of Rowlands


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Monday, 19 May 2008

Monday 19th May 2008

Dear all
A very pleasant day to welcome "Railway Ramblers" to their private hire taking in Ravenstor and Idridgehay. Many thanks to the David Newby (driver), Vince Morris (multi-tasking guard and guide), Fred & Iris who opened the Buffet Car and Vince Ware who opened the EVRA shop. Many kind comments from the visitors who arrived at 1030 and some did not leave until after 1600 after a long lunch at the Blacks Head!
Taking advantage of the cage pallets donated by Rolls Royce a start was made on refiling the permanent way components on site and some clearance of the flangeways in the Car Park took place.
Our dmu fleet received an interior clean and some maintenance. Iris returned from its holiday in Wales - if you look on the Railway Herald site there are some interesting images of the vehicle at Llangollen bound for Shottle, Duffield and Ravenstor - quite a journey.
The Booking Hall welcomed our visitors, fielded an unusually high number of organisations wishing us to spend our money on advertising, water coolers etc.etc.and turned in a satisfactory financial result.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Progress Report Sunday 18th May 2008

Dear all,

Apologies for the slight delay to today's report which was due to an
excessive queue at Mr Won Hung Lo's Emporium of Chinese Delights, it
being possible to get two number 45s and an egg fried rice but not the
foot massage. Anyway a jolly nice day's weather saw the early departure
of the Sunday P-Way gang off to demonstrate their new tool. Said P-Way
gang drained a catch pit near Derby Road bridge no2 then discovered a
new one filled with ballast and mud, which was dug out. The drains were
then checked as far south as Shottle and the usual obstructions of mud,
fallen wood and dead critters removed to improve the flow.

At Wirksworth the passenger service ran happily backwards and forwards
and passengers were dealt with by a quietly efficient wallet shaking
team in the Booking Hall, the shop and the buffet. In the engineering
dept the Director General of shunters was seen basking on top of an 03
claiming to paint it while wearing a single cup ladies bra on his head,
though he later said he thought it was a dust mask. A number of
conscripts were engaged in various tasks in preparation for Carnival
Weekend including the clearing and tidying of the area by the Kave cabin
where a new micro container has arrived, they also moved a large amount
of sand to the picnic area path to bind it.

Most of the day at Wirksworth was taken up by a major assault on the tat
which had accumulated around the weighbridge and the conscripts were
assisted in this by Mr J Silvester who had innocently turned up for a
quiet day out. A large number of items have been filed in their correct
places and several piles of Comprehensive Railway Aggregate Product were
moved to new locations to improve the visual delight of our endeavour. A
cull of wheelbarrows has also taken place as the ones with no wheels
have been breeding out of control behind the weighbridge. We have now
shortened the odds of getting a wheelbarrow with both a barrow and a
wheel from "no chance" to evens. Some work was done on poster boards.
Platform 3 north end post and chain was repaired. The platform webcam
was addressed with a micrometer and a lump hammer, and platform 1 at
least is in now sharp focus. The embankment garden was weeded. The
former dust dock received its marking out as car parking for next
weekend and a blue fence was attached down the car park ramp to prevent
people's dogs from throwing themselves onto the Weighbridge roof. The
north end footcrossing received attention in ways too numerous to
mention and the sandpaper is now worn out.

All the best,

Saturday, 17 May 2008

AGM Saturday 17th May 2008

Dear all
A pleasant celebration of the Company's AGM with both services to Idridgehay and Ravenstor coupled with a display of some of our service vehicles. Behind the scenes saw activity to ballast fettle south of Ken Rowlands crossing, the replacement of a blowing manifold on "Dolly" and the EVRA shop being staffed by Lorna Bentley.
The Booking Hall welcomed a number of visitors including the Belper Historical Society ably shepparded by Vince Morris and the Buffet Car enjoyed a steady trade.
At the AGM there must be special thanks to Mr and Mrs Kenning who ensured the shareholders had refreshments and Neil FL who provided an entertaining review of the year.
A reminder of how far we have come in a few years brings a glow of self congratulation and a determination to achieve even more - here's to the Dash to Duffield!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Friday 16th May 2008

Dear all
A day of preparation for AGM day tomorrow including a great deal of strimming and the hanging of banners. Opportunity was taken to weed treat the whole of the Gorsey Bank line together with the various Tube Lines lineside installations. Work continued on the Incline dmu and the "Bubble" car. Helen-Louise had a water leak cured ensuring she is available for the Bank Holiday weekend.
A good, if slightly chilly, day

Carnival Information Updated

Morning all,

I have just updated the information that we have on next weekends carnival. It can be accessed by clicking on the banner on the homepage.

Having a scout around the net, I can't find any other site that gives any details of the weekends proceedings!



Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thursday 15th May 2008

Dear all
A fairly quiet day with many of our team on holiday. Nonetheless the VCT made strides with a new fence opposite Wirksworth Booking Hall and a small Permament Way team moved spoil previously excavated in connection with retimbering the Yard pointwork. Logs were also discharged from the Flatrol and Brakevan balconies to the Logging Dept. Claire was oiled up over the pit and then moved to Platform 1 to receive a makeover ready for a starring role on AGM Saturday.
A foray to Gorsey Bank raised the road salt box on timbers for ease of movement with the JCB on Saturday and our new relationship with the Gas Main folk resulted in the pot holes on the level crossing being, roughly, filled in.
Helen-Louise had a couple of air leaks remedied and the narrow gauge project progressed quietly in the distance.
The sunshine brought a few visitors for a look round.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Wed 14th May

Evenin' all,

The Per way team collected the remaining logs from the Callow Park
area and these were returned to base. They then set about fishplate
greasing again and ar now in the Sewerage farm area (Nice!) They had
problems with their nuts in some places (oh nasty!)

Some machinery, kindy donated by a local firm were transported to site
and secured. Several journeys were made and much useful equipment
obtained as well as some storage bins for the per way lads.

The Ravenstor line was in operation and several passengers were
transported. Mid afternoon one of our neighbouring firms delivered 5
tons of limestone dust. This was tipped at the far end of the car park
and will be used for 'surfacing' around some of the storage areas as
well as for the area around the shed. Much of it has already gone,
Anton. Work continued on the Narrow Gauge line and wee Yorkie.

Tomorow we have a customer and the Landrover will be requiredfor a
fairly early departure, so the VCT will have to be up early to move
their bits and pieces. Per way work will be in the yard.


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Tues 13th May

Evenin' all,

Another warm day with activities centered on the northern half of the

The per way team carried on fishplate greasing and are now at Derby
Road bridge. having stripped and sorted 10 panels of plates. Other
members went a bit further south and made repairs to loose woods on an
anti trespass guard and also some remedial work to a farmers gate post.

The VCT continued working to the site entrance on Station road, and
completed the new piece of fencing, they eagerly await the new gate
post! They also carried out some perimeter work in the car parking

Evans the paint applied more white paint at Idridgehay, whilst Wee
Yorkie has paint applied to the freshly burnished frames - some bits
will soon start to be put back. Dave Mee carried on with the Narrow
Gauge line (at least I think it was him, he is getting quite far away
now). More electrical work in connection with the lights on platform
2/3, as well as sonme work on the station PA system.

Passenger services were busy in their shop carrying out stocktakes
between almost constant phonecalls about amazing free offers for us,
phone surveys, and a few genuine enquiries.


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Monday, 12 May 2008

Information about Wirksworth Carnival Event Days

Just to let you know that information about the upcoming open event days can be seen by clicking on the banner on the homepage!

Wirksworth Carnival is always a fun event to be part of, so don't miss out!


Monday 12th May 2008

Dear all
What a delightful summery day that enabled Phil and I to accomplish a whole line weed treatment adventure. The Valley looked at its best and gave further conviction, if needed, that the journey from Wirksworh to Duffield will be absolutely splendid.
At base the EVRA shop and Information Centre had paint applied to its handrails and Faraday had an "oil round". On our travels we found Pat Craft planting out opposite Idridgehay platform and John the Paint (79) continuing his version of the Forth Bridge - the finish is excellent.
The Booking Hall held the fort during day welcoming a few visitors.
A very satisfying day.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Progress 11th May 2008

Dear all,

Quite a modest day from last week's hectic moments.
  • The passenger service ran steadily to Ravenstor with quite a few passenger's.
  • The buffet car was open and welcomed a few visitors for tea and light refreshments throught the day, also the bookshop had some visitors during the day.
  • Both DMUs have been cleared from road 1, to Water Crane siding.
  • The conscripts have been tyding up on the picnic area overlooking Wirksworth Station.
  • Further maintence has been carried out on the 03s by Steve and his team.
  • A few volunteer's have been working in the yard removing sleeper's and tiding up ready for this coming week.
  • The staff at Duffield are carrying out further joinery work at the station.

Many thanks to all


Duty Manager.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Progress Report Saturday 10th May 2008

Dear all,

A modest day of quiet achievements after last week's hectic moments. The
passenger service ran steadily pausing only to disturb the painting of
the gates and fences of Idridgehay Station by the All Wales
International Painting Team, and to pick up a sole cyclist (single to
Wirksworth) possibly the same one as we despatched last week (single to
Idridgehay), though how he managed to occupy himself for a whole week in
Idridgehay is uncertain. Painting was also in progress in several other
places including by the neighbours at Gorsey Bank Crossing, who asked us
to move the grit bin back to where we had originally moved it from.
Unfortunately, the Council had filled the bin in the meantime and there
were not enough Hoary Handed Men of Toil around to manage it, so we've
left it for Miss Toseland's P-Way gang tomorrow. In engineering, a
Traveller from Kent spent most of the day scraping Wee Yorkie's parts.

It being painting weather, the entire and utter gents toilets (exterior)
was repainted, along with some work on the poster boards and north
crossing. An attempt was made to render platform 2 tannoy operational
but although power was got to the horn it simply resulted in feedback
noise in the circuit and station announcements tomorrow will be made by
Mrs Julie Ball shouting from the Buffet Car door.

The staff of Duffield visited Wirksworth and showed a gentleman round
(for some time) before retiring to Duffield for dinner al fresco and to
fit a shelf and the newly repainted tool cupboard into the Station
Office. A member of the public was walking his dog past at the time, I
am told.

All the best,

Friday, 9 May 2008

Friday 9th May 2008

Dear all
What pleasure it is to bask in warm sunshine and welcome a regular customer who came mob handed with three road/rail machines for test. This occupied most of the day with two round trips to Duffield and a period on the Incline. When available the Incline was used for further driver training on the "Bubble Car" and Wee Yorkie had a wire brushing as the frames are prepared for painting.
Hanging baskets were hung and the Buffet Car prepared for the weekend. Further work was achieved on the Incline dmu car interior and the Booking Hall welcomed a number of visitors.
The Friday IMT (Infrastructure Maintenance Team) concentrated on the Ravenstor section when possible and attacked the spoil generated from the renewal of crossing timbers earlier this week.
Another good day.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Thursday 8th May 2008

Dear all
A day of joy in the splendid weather as the Railway earned money from an overrun on the gas main renewal at Gorsey Bank - unfortunately they have completed the task as far as we are concerned! The Grand Entrance Project commenced as the VCT moved into action at the head of Station Road, Wirksworth - their usual high standard will considerably improve our shop window.
The automated hanging basket watering system received an overhaul ready to receive this year's displays giving the station that extra 'wow' factor. The small gauge PW team of one was in action and the standard gauge PW team completed the retimbering of the crossing nose at the entrance to the Pit Road. This latter activity used materials husbanded from earlier work and has considerably reduced the risk of a derailment in this area - a really useful task performed in the heat of the day.
The new replica lamps (funded by EVRA) were wired in on Platform 2 and provide a nice and functional touch to, what is now and will be for the foreseeable future, our main departure point.
The Station computer returned from hospital and, with great relief, no data had been lost - we all mean to back up regularly don't we?
The Booking Hall entertained a number of visitors including a late arriving minibus calling in for teas and coffees. The Housekeeping team gave the Mess Hall a good do and prepared the Training Room for tomorrow's customer - these unsung heroes keep us and our customers from contracting mysterious diseases and they are greatly appreciated.
Another very good day.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Wed 7th May

Evenin' all,

Today the line was blocked at Gorsey Bank for Gas board engineers to
lay a temporary gas pipe over the track, it will all be done in a day,
it says here. Despite a full day they will be back tomorrow to carry
on. The line will be blocked for tomorrow as well. Shame, as the
accountants might say.

With access restricted, the per way team had a day off fishplate
greasing and so started retimbering the point leading to the Pit road.
Several of the long timbers under the crossing nose were changed thus
stabilizing the pointwork. Work will continue tomorrow.

The engineering team popped down to a firm in Derby to have a look at
some machines for the Maintenance area. They then spent time working on
the 03 fleet.

Trevor Griffin, a previous treasurer of the company made a delivery of
some artefacts from a bygone age. The Phoenix nameplate and the BR sign
for Wirksworth were donated to us as was a fibreglass wheel unveiled by
the Duke of Edinburgh at the BR Research Centre at Derby. Many tickets
and other bits and pieces were also donated.

More slleper laying on the Narrow Gauge line as well as some scrub
clearance in the same area. A little more weedkiller was applied at
Gorsey bank whilst looking after the Gas people.

Passenger Services had a sort out after the weekend, with the Buffet
Car having a deep clean , several passengers using the Incline service
and some restocking of supplies.

Once again, another hot and sunny day


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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Tues 6th May

Evenin' all,

Phew! What a scorcher, as the tabloids might say. A drying day at
last. A day for shunting and filing trains away. We said a farewell to
Iris for a while as she went to Wales for her holidays. The VCT lads
(lads?) saw her crossing over Derby Rd 2 bridge, they couldnt see the
lowloader so Iris glided along, but no one had a camera. They were
clearing tree stumps and continued lineside clearance .

The Perway gang started on the seasonal task of fishplate greasing,
and managed another couple of hundred yards, they also checked drains
around 49 steps, and collected some logs on the return journey.

Work continued on the light installation on platform 2/3, where the
wiring up of the new brackets was started. A light application of
weedkiller was handsprayed between the Hannages and Ravenstor,
including the yard.

This weekends activities brought in a tidy sum, over £3,200, nearly
£2,000 up on the same weekend last year, well done to all concerned.

Tomorrow sees the line blocked at Gorsey Bank by the Gas board
chappies who want to lay a tempory gas pipe over the track. The Per
way team will be working in the yard and start resleepering the point
into the Pit road.

A reminder that the local school are having a trip ou tomorrow,
therefor there will be 5 coaches parked on the access road around 0900,
with all the mumsies and dadsies wishing to see the kiddywinks off, you
can be sure of traffic chaos from about 0830!


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Monday, 5 May 2008

Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2008

Dear all
A delightful day with everyone on site contributing to make it a day to remember for the children and generally swelling our coffers. The Incline combination of the 03 and trailer worked well and the Idridgehay service saw a wide variety of dmu vehicles giving Driver Beale and his team much exercise. Special mention should be made of the EVRA organisation who gave us genuine Punch & Judy, inventive games for the children and a variety of children's rides. The Buffet Car had a very good day and really proved it worth again.
The extra car parking space gained through the acquisition of the "Ennis" site ensured all our visitors could be accommodated. The guided walk involving Andy Pollock and Vince Morris was another winner with some 30 people yomping from Wirksworth to Idridgehay returning in style by rail.
Alongside this was a little progress on the narrow gauge project and some light gardening that revealed the whereabouts of the absent Gary. I thought he had been on a world cruise but apparently he has been languishing at home with various chest complaints - I sent our good wishes and a speedy recovery - somebody has to go up the lighting poles!
A heartfelt thanks to all who made today so successful and enabling a few more bills to be paid.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Progress Report Sunday 4th May 2008


Today the conscripts undertook some sleepering of the narrow gauge and
cleaning of locomotives, and Faraday's oil was inspected; however the
real business of the day took place in passenger services where at one
point the Booking Hall was so full it was not possible to swing a cat
round, even if Poke, the station cat, could have been found at the time.
Indeed, at one point, the queue outside the station conveniences was
such that the Emergency Ladies had to be brought into play. (Will staff
please note that the staff toilet will be in use for the public tomorrow
as well). Many families visited us today who were new to our railway and
were most complimentary, notwithstanding the less than ideal weather.
Children were entertained by a small fair and bouncy castle and the
treasure hunt, face painting and Punch and Judy (script by the General
Synod) were especially popular. A number of walkers were given the grand
tour of the C&HPR by messrs Morris and Hastings-Thomson and we will be
extending the station tannoy into the mess room in case Mrs Morris gets
locked out again.

Many thanks to all concerned.

Steve, via Anton

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Progress for Saturday 3rd May 2008

Evening all,

The lovely weather brought a large amount of visitors to the station today for a last-chance ride on Iris before she goes for a fortnights break in Wales. The majority of services to Idridgehay were over half full! As this was an event weekend, the Ravenstor service also pottered to and fro with, again, great success!

The cameras were out as there was an opportunity to photograph multiple DMU arrivals once again, with the 117/108 2-car giving demonstration runs on the Gorsey Bank line all day. This gave some much needed running to these units!

Many kids enjoyed the fairground rides on the dust dock, as well as Punch and Judy in the wagon. It was nice to see Punch and Judy again as it seems to be getting rarer these days.

The EVRA shop and "tent" also did well today, with many interesting ways to win prizes on offer.

It seems that the majority of visitors today enjoyed the sandwiches and snacks in the buffet car today - with Julie taking a tidy sum!

It was good to see so many visitors enjoying such's the BBQ?

Mike via Leigh

Friday, 2 May 2008

Fri 2nd May

Evenin' all,

First of all, an apology for those looking forward to next week's
Traffic notice. The internet has been acting up for the past few days
at Wirksworth not allowing ingoing or outgoing stuff. Hard copies are
available in the Mess room and usual places.

Today saw the start of four action packed family fun days - in effect
today was an added on day due to the official opening of the new play
area which was supported by an Awards For All grant. Over 100 local
school kiddywinks came down fo the 'cutting of the ribbon' and to have
their photos taken. Yes they were accompanied by the teaching staff and
some parents. They all had a trip to Ravenstor and back as well as
being treated to seeing Punch and Judy - for the vast majority it was
the first time they had seen the show, but soon got into the magic of
it all.

Several other familly groups also attended during the day. Not only
was the Raventor service working but Iris ran on the Idridgehay line.
The action of the 03 on the Incline also compacted recent work at the
drainage site and behaved very smoothly.

A mini fairground was also present as was a stall run by Rod and
Mary, and of course the EVRA bookshop was in full swing. Rod also
demonstrated the narrow gauge loco for the children along with the
assorted civic dignatories.

Hylton spent several hours running over Claire with an oily rag,
continuing to clean the loco.

Although it was not a big earning day - it was never planned to be
one, it was most satisfying to see everything running in the warm

Thanks for the efforts of all concerned


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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Thurs 1st May ( 31st April)

Evenin' all,

Much activity around the station at Wirksworth with the laying of the
anti slip surface for the northern foot crossing, and some shunting to
get the right vehicles into the right places for the weekend. Wasnt it
easier when we had only a couple of things to shunt!

The green Incline coach was placed in platform 3, complete with a
jobbing builder still working on the ceiling. By close of play it was
ready for action although Ian still wants more time to finish his work.

The VCT carried on widening the clear space between the hedges south
of Callow Park area. This makes it better for passengers to get a view
of the valley.

Our yellow machines were all in action although once again the Dumper
failed due to voltage problems, all are now through the gates and out
of the car park

Tomorrow sees the start of some intensive running days, and your last
chance to travel on Iris for a few weeks. She is going to Welsh Wales
for a fortnight. There will be extra fun for all the family this
weekend (it says here) with a small fun fair, Punch and Judy, a hog
roast on Monday and the opening of the childrens play area tomorrow


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