Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wed 27th Feb

Evevin' all,

A great deal of effort today on a wide range of activities. It started
with the Tamper departing for Idridgehay at first light (nearly). The
line was tamped from there to the bottom end of the 'racing straight'.
north of mp 139.25. Work continues tomorrow. Some 'Boxing in' was also
undertaken at the Idridgehay end.

The Per way team completed the task of installing replacement
sleepers, so all available sleepers have now been laid,I appreciate
that there are thousands more to be changed, but those can wait for
another day. Unless we can put in an insurance claim that the
earthquake damaged our sleepers! They also started 'Operation Hover'
the tidying of the line of the remaining logs and waste sleepers. The
team have done an absolutely first class job in difficult conditions,
and deserve the praise of us all.

In the Maintenance Facility,all of the Lateral Struts have been
installed, once again this team have been adding to their rather large
Mecanno kit and are to be congratulated.

Dave Mee has continued with the painting and lining out of the Incline
coach, ready for its role in the Opening trains next week. Meanwhile
John Evans continued with the painting of Idridgehay crossing agtes.

A start was made on the final fixing of the nrthern foot crossing
between platforms 1 and 2 at Wirksworth.

Dave and Chris were busy pulling lengths of wire and cable around the
place, this was for PA and other communications systems.

More stocking out, exterior painting and ramp building for the new
Information Room/EVRa shop on Platform 1.

Passenger services were kept busy with visitors as well as taking
bookings for the first trains. Regretably, all First Class seats have
now been sold, more fine planning for the event also took place - the
logistical problems associated with next weeks event are growing by the
minute, but everything is in hand (its says here).

The lorry had some routine servicing carried out, this is now nearly
in daily use.

Off for a soak, and wait for my Red Cross parcel bringing relief to
those who suffered in the earthquake.


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