Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Tuesday 12th February 2008

Dear all
Another extremely pleasant day with, almost, a sense of hysteria as the Idridgehay opening day rushes towards us. The Permanent Way team departed for the south and had a very full day with 20 sleepers achieved and a load of logs gathered from the 49 steps area on return. A more youthful new recruit to the team confessed to being exhausted by the "old hands".
Much activity took place to create the north end foot crossing at Wirksworth with the VCT cracking on with fencing, Craft and Co nailing the crossing into place and a department of one tending to the ducts for power and water. Dmus were fettled and the 03s received attention with the opening in mind.
Our small S&T team, after expressing loud exasperation at not being able to find the gas bottles, cutting gear and small grinder, pressed on with the locking at Wash Green. When visited, problems seem to be resolved by the application of a large sledgehammer and a more sunny atmosphere prevailed. The gas bottles have been found but if anyone has "borrowed" the small grinder could they return it to the Weighbridge promptly!
Claire had a battery charge and work continued on the narrow gauge and Idridgehay detraining platform. The Booking Hall opened at 0800 with a new recruit who has recently retired from Security at Lubrizol and has been in "go" mode all day. Stuffing of invitations to the opening has been completed and a useful roundup of all the tasks to be undertaken conducted.
Derbyshire Police supplied a Crime Prevention Officer to review the security of the Wirksworth site and one of his recommendations implemented tonight. This is to leave the site in darkness rather than provide illumination for unwelcome visitors. This will mean that volunteers overnighting will need to equip themselves with torches. Other recommendations will implemented over time.
Customers are on site tomorrow and Friday necessitating flexibility in our work methods on these two days.
News from "up north" was the confirmation that the road/rail Landrover has been collected from New Cumnock and, all being well, will cross the border tonight.
Exhausted of Wirksworth