Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Wed 9th Jan

Evenin' all,

Mixed weather with snw showers and freezing first thing, a beautiful
bright sunny morning, heavy rain early afternoon, followed by bright
sunshine on the way back.

The Loco maintenance chaps completed the demolition of an old
container in the Maintenance area, this now has paved the way for major
work to the shed starting next week. The Tram siding will be emptied
and shortened to create a roadway around the shed, and allow access for
more work on final fixing of steelwork and the start of cladding. So
major activity there in the next few weeks.

More panels came for the Narrow Gauge line, these came from Cardiff,
and were off loaded in the carpark where they are being carried into
position. The carefull reduction of Nottingham Castle started.

Passenger Services followed the example of the Project Manager office
and started a major clearout of 'useful bits and pieces' some were re
allocated. In the P.M.'s office, the telecommunications dept were
working at full stretch. Phase one of the operation was completed. This
means better comunication via the web as well as rewiring of some
telephones. Phase two starts shortly, once the Visitor Centre is moved

The Per way team, uplifted the temp footcrossing at the northern end
of Wirksworth station. The sleepers have been re-allocated. Once down
the line a further 17 sleepers were chaqnged. Many more were marked
up by caterory ready for changing as part of an ongoing rolling
programme. The team were joined by two new boys (!) Geof and Mark, who
have a few hours on their hands and decided to get a few aching
muscels. Mark was a postie at Idridgehay. On the way back a load of
logs were brought back for the firewood dept (they told us that they
were running low - not now though tee hee!)

Work continues at Barnsley Lane bridge, with more stone returning to
its rightfull place, and actually being fixed to something.

Tomorrow sees more sleeper changing as well as work being carried out
by the VCT at 49 Steps Train leaves at 0915 prompt.

Once again Hylton will come in on Friday if we can get a works team

There, I told Vince that I wouldn't mention the fact that he failed to
get a bonfire going (the first time in his life)


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