Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Wed 30th jan

Evenin' all,

Another 'Roun tuit' sort of day, Firstly the per-way team laid the
remaining sleepers fromour stock - never mind if you missed them there
are more arriving on Friday. Scrap rotters were collected up and moved
to a stockpile, more logs were brought back to base. All part of
tidying up!

The level crossing lights are all in position, they still need to be
connected, but at least theu look completed now.

More routine servicing on the two car Met cam as well as equipment

The new Information suite saw much activity with minor alterations and
the start of fitting out.. Bags of spoil from the platform area were
taken to the shed area.

A hopper full of stone was dropped on the Pit road within the shed so
that the levels can be sorted tomorrow - a little light jacking and

Plenty of Admin work with Auditors going through things, plus other
bits of routine admin work.

Barnsley lane bridge is nearing completeion.

Generally a busy day with loads of action.


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