Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Wed 23rd Jan

Evenin' all,

Hylton was late due to him having to collect his Bus Pass - I am given
o understand that he will be late again tomorrow, as he may be feeling
'delicate'. As a result we did the bancing and drilling today. The Per
way team managed to change and drill two rails down the line near
Barnsley |Lane. This also involved lifting an Accomodation Crossing,
and then replacing it. At lunchtime another train arrived bringing a
birthday cake, which was promptly attacked with the disc cutter (!)
vary nice cake , thanks again to Dorothey.

The gang repairing the bridge, have removed all of the trees in the
Ecclesbourne that were blocking the river bridge.They have also dug
some drainage ditches to help drainage of the Barnsley Lane area.

Back a Wirksworth, the new loco was offloaded at first light. It will
be transferred to the Pit area later in the week.All I can say is that
it is an 0-6-0 diesel shunter of 400 HP. The hole for the new gate by
the platform was created ready for the new Information suite which
arrives next Monday. Also a start was made laying the troughing for the
new power supplies to the Buffet Car and other Yard facilities.

Work continued on the Narrow Gauge line and more firewood was chopped
(Fortunately another load was brought up this evening to augment their

Tomorrow sees the start of Operation Spring clean, when logs, sleepers
and otherwise dropped, chopped or pulled material is collected from
lineside and moved to tidier locations for onward transmission. You
must remember that these notes do little to reflect the amazing work of
our teams, the VCT have creaded hundreds of trees, cleared and tidied
many hedges and repaired many fences. The Per way team have changed
some 300 sleepers in the past couple of months, we are therefore
havinfg a tidying up day when many bonfires will be lit (hopefully) to
converst some of the branches etc to potash, Train leaves as soon as
the log train is offloaded i.e. about 0930


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