Thursday, 17 January 2008

Wed 16th Jan

Evenin' all,

An early start to take the digger driver by rail to the north end of
Idridgehay cutting. The landscaping of the spoil heaps having been
completed, we took the digger and driver north to the next area of
action at the bottom end of the 'racing straight'. The machine was
offloaded and was soon hard at work digging ditches. The train returned
to Wirksworth, picked up more staff, trollies etc and ran down to
Willow Crossing, a length of rail was cut and transported back up to mp
139.5. A defective rail was removed and the replacement installed and
fixed. The opportunity was also taken to aid the flood relief by
diverting surface flood water into the new ditch. The water level on
the track was lowered by these actions.

At Wirksworth, Steve and the 70's duo carried out more machine work
around the shed area, levelling spoil adding hardcore etc a drain was
extended to help cope with future flooding.

A start was made on the new staff entrance/emergency exit to the
platform 1. This gate is being moved in rediness for the new
Information Suite that will be arriving shortly. Work was also ongoing
on the new 'Umbrella' platform for Idridgehay. I was asked what was
meant by an 'Umbrella' platform, As many people know, Idridgehay is a
low platform, it always has been. When it was open in a previous life,
step boxes were used to get on or off trains. A temporary wooden
structure will be placed on top of the platform, and will be large
enough to detrain guests, it includes ramps and will be a sturdy
structure. It will mean that initially passengers will detrain via the
guards department doors.

Some further driver training took place with the Bubble Car

Tomorrow sees another 0800 start for a hardy few with more track work
and the VCT being dropped at 49 steps.


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