Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tues 22nd Jan

Evenin' all,

As the crew complained of the cold temperature this morning, it was
felt that a little light shovelling would warm the joints, so the Per
way team shovelled about 10 tons of 1" to dust off the Grampus, thus
creating the safe cess walkway to the north of Idridgehay. We also
dropped top stone from Idridgehay as far as the south end of the Racing
straight. It was also ploughed. All sleepers now want cleaning off.

The gang repairing Barnsley lane decided to go wadingand used a
machine to drag fallen trees from the river that had trapped themselves
against the bridge.

More fittings were added to the Facing Point Lock at Wash Green, and
fine adjustments were made.

The shed area saw another burst of activity with more brackets being
prepared ready to fix the remaining steelwork to the frame.

Outside the office, pipes were delivered as well as concete troughing
reday for installing more power cables, water etc for the Buffet car.
The existing stockpile of logs were cut up meaning that the woodcutters
require more.

Paul's VCT were in operation at 49 steps, they have now finnished tree
felling there and as we returned, a blazing bonfire was being stoked,
plenty more burning there.

Tomorrow sees more rails replaced south of Barnsley Lane - hopefully.
Works train leaves by 0930. Hylton will be late as he will be queueing
for his Bus Pass.


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