Thursday, 31 January 2008

Thursday 31st January 2008

Dear all
The main event today was the visit of two Railway Inspectors to assess our progress, both written and practical, towards the completion of the Wirksworth - Idridgehay section. They confirmed there were no barriers to our proposed opening date of 7th March subject to certain tasks being completed by us. We believe these can be achieved in time and we are now going firm on the reopening.
This has been quite a day and my thanks go to the team that made the visit positive including the excellent catering that always helps the atmosphere for discussion. The three key areas for completion are sleeper changing, around 180, locking at Wash Green Ground Frame and modifications and enlargement of the Idridgehay detraining platform.
Whilst we were engaged with the Inspectors, a team jacked and packed the pit road of the Maintenance Facility and the new Information Centre and Shop had an electrical supply connected.
The Booking Hall welcomed some visitors and looked after base while we were down the line.