Thursday, 24 January 2008

Thursday 24th January 2008

Dear all
The start of the day saw a wagon load of logs discharged for the logging department and the first instalment of the Idridgehay detraining platform loaded to the Flatrol. The Works Train then departed with the VCT and Permanent Way teams. The VCT, their numbers enhanced by a team from the Probation Service, were taken to 49 steps and achieved a final clear and burn declaring that job well and truly done! The PW team continued to Idridgehay to unload the platform so that assembly could take place (note that this is part of the eventual construction) and spent the rest of the day gathering previously replaced sleepers to an assembly point near Barnsley Lane. On the final run back a further wagon load of logs was gathered for discharge at Wirksworth tomorrow morning.
The group from Anthony Gell school had further experience of working on Wee Yorkie and progress was made with the narrow gauge line. The area that was underneath the former Information Room was levelled and surplus material bagged ready for transport to the Maintenance Facility area.
The Booking Hall received a few visitors and fielded the usual phone calls. All in all a very good day and it didn't rain!
PS - Commencing this weekend a permanent way working party will leave Wirksworth at around 0930 Saturdays and Sundays to concentrate on the Wirksworth - Idridgehay section to assist meeting the target date of 7th March. The team will be lead by Anthony Carline and he will welcome anyone who would like to join him. There remains rather a lot to do in the next 5 weeks!