Thursday, 10 January 2008

Thursday 10th January 2008

Dear all
An early start was made when the former Information Room was loaded onto a lorry for transport to Duffield. By 1100hrs the Station Master at Duffield had new accommodation lifted into place and this will be a considerable improvement on the rather ancient former Derbyshire County Council hut. Thanks to Rodney and Jaime for preparing the site and ensuring the lorry could get to into position.
The Works Train departed with the third new recruit as a result of the Radio Derby appeal, deposited the VCT at 49 steps and continued on to today's resleepering area. 10 sleepers were changed by the team despite being storm lashed during the day and the VCT need one more day to bottom out their clearance work at 49 steps. The Works Train returned with logs destined for the Newby Logging Company and placed on the Car Park siding for intermodal transfer.
Wee Yorkie received further attention as did the narrow gauge. Work started on the creation of the Idridgehay detraining device and special mention should be made of Mary Birch who had an unexpected bath as the tarpaulin caved in with the weight of rainwater. The joys of preservation!
Mick Thomas seems to have too much time on his hands but his estimate of future earnings seems a little low to me! The Barnsley Lane bridge repairs continued to move forward although builder "Tony" added salt to his tea this morning provoking a reaction that speeded him on his way.
There was peace and quiet in Mission Control enabling another review and planning of the outstanding jobs to be undertaken on the Idridgehay section - the list is shortening!
The Booking Hall entertained some visitors and made a sale or two.