Saturday, 5 January 2008

Saturday 5th January 2008

A pleasant day after the cold damp days of this week were sufficient to entice a few hardy soles down to the Station and keep the project rolling.
On the narrow gauge , a small team were working off any seasonal excesses and stoning up the recently laid track as well as preparing the demounting platform for Idridghay. After the construction of Nottingham Castle for the Santa events this should be a walk in the park for Rod!!
Much activity was evident in the shed area with the continued dismantling of the original pit storage container which , although severely corroded and leaky, put up a commendable fight until time was called when the oxygen supply finally ran out. In keeping with our re-cycling policy all the bits were carefully filed in the skip marked China. The electrical team were hard at work rewiring all the infrastructure in order that the cable runs can be backfilled- we now know where all the new cable runs are!!
Following the spring cleaning of the Project Managers office and the laying of the Company axminster a small team were espied in carpet slippers installing what looks to the untrained eye as an MFI gentleman's single wardrobe- perhaps Phil is going to come to work in a suit? Whatever it is it made all the cameras work again so well done.