Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Roun Tuit Tuesday

Evenin' all,

A day when many jobs were tackled.

Firstly the VCT were conveyed down south, some to have a final burn at
49 steos, others to A4/A5 just north of Idridgehay. The Anti Trespass
guards were fitted to A5 and various clearance taskd were achieved as
well as some fence repairs and upgrades.

A start was made on fixing the red lights to the gates at Gorsey Bank
and Idridgehay.

Two loads of stone were delivered for use in the Shed area. Talking of
the shed, Steve was busy making more brackets for the steelwork as well
as helping make brackets for the two car Met cam to hold fire
supressant apparatus.

The loos had some clearance work carried out and the new gate to
platfrm 1 was fixed. Some cleaning and clearing of the Museum coach
started. as well as some initial work on the new Information suite. The
logging dept got into full swing tackling the mountain of logs that
arrived over the last few days strangely they havent asked for more

The S&T dept carried on building a bench and fitted rodding for the
Facing Point Lock at Wash Green. The trap point north of Platform 2 was
brought into use, the trap point south of Wash Green bridge was clipped
out of use pending its plain lining.

A huge amount of paperwork was sorted in connection with the

Only a small team but a great deal of work achieved meaning that many
jobs have been crossed off the 'To Do' list
Tomorrow sees some more sleeper laying - train to depart by 0930 and
return by 1500. The two car will then go to Idridgehay to try out the
first part of the 'Umbrella' platform. Some stone will also be dropped
in the Shed area.


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