Sunday, 6 January 2008

Progress Report Sunday 6th January 2008

Dear all,

A bright crisp winter's day saw us attending to a number of tasks on the
get-a-round-tuit list. The heating/air con in the Gatex FO carriage was
dealt with. The last bag of tarmac was warmed all day in the mess room
and then used to fill two especially irritating potholes in Station
Road. Santa was inflated, rubbed down, disinflated, carried into the
mess room, re-inflated, dried out, let down and put back in his box for
another 11 months. The rest of the Christmas decs were also taken down,
dried and returned to the elves. An excellent Christmas was had, twice
the number compared to last year and a tribute to all concerned, thank you.

The bubble car, as cosy as a teapot, throbbed up and down the incline
during the afternoon while a catholic assortment of passengers took
their pleasure in it, some having a second ride. While at Ravenstor the
train crew changed the timetable posters. The timetable, by the way,
from now until the 2nd March inclusive is a Sunday service from
Wirksworth to Ravenstor, departing Wirksworth 12.50; 13.50; 14.50 and
15.50 and return in the usual manner.

At Duffield, work began yesterday and continued today to prepare for the
replacement of the Station Office. The compound fencing was taken down
and the area around the Station Office cleared as the staff of Duffield
prepared for their evacuation, which will take place later in the week.

At present the Information Room at Wirksworth is out of service awaiting
a replacement due in the next few days. In order to continue to provide
the standard which our visitors expect of us, a temporary display and
information have been put in the brown guards van (lamp room). Will
Booking Hall staff please note that the guards van is to be opened daily
in lieu of the Information Room until further notice and at the same
time the talking tunnel turned on (and turned off and van locked every
night). The cleaning schedule for the guards van is the same as for the
Information Room and Booking Hall staff should have a look at the daily
checklist to see if it needs to be swept out or addressed with the
feather duster.

All the best, Anton