Saturday, 19 January 2008

Progress Report Saturday 19th January 2008

Dear all,

A day in which we were most satisfied with the magnificence of our
endeavours, for they were very varied. Volunteers were spread far and
wide and a magistrate of conscripts achieved several entire and complete
tasks. Shunting took place to prepare a ballast train for next week,
attention was given to the narrow gauge, the Gat Ex was maintained, a
unique new heating system was prepared in the division of engineers and
the pit pump unclogged. Please do not removed the bricks from said pump
as they have some vital, complicated and difficult to understand
function. I have to say the area of the Temporary Storage Facility is
looking more like a Motive Power Depot every day that passes,
notwithstanding it has neither roof nor walls, but will have in a very
soon moment. Various visitors were received in the Booking Hall and a
meeting was had with senior representatives of the Parish Council of the
metropolis of Idridgehay in which a number of issues were considered for
the opening including the colour of the tape and where to put the tea
van: for this railway runs on tea, as any fule knos.

The fence was repaired at the viewpoint and strengthened with additional
timberwork for the discouragement of the feckless. A trench was dug
along platform 1 for the laying of cabling to the GLV and to platform 2.
The spare crossing panels were moved from store to the lower ramp for
use on the north station footcrossing. The whole wideway adjacent to the
incline line was levelled and will shortly receive a top dressing to
enable it to be seeded with grass for the spring. A large pile of cr**,
sorry, Valuable Railway Aggregate was moved from where it was
obstructing the line 2/3 walking route and the Valuable Railway
Aggregate relocated to under Cemetary Lane Bridge where it is needed to
fill a wet hole. The stone recovered from levelling the wideway and any
other random stone knocking around the yard also needs to be transmitted
to this location. Repair work was carried out on the north end of
platform 3 which had become disgruntled by poor packing and this is now
back in order. I regret we did not have time to fix the Nursery School
path boundary gate which has detached itself from its hinges, but I am
sure this task will be addressed by greater powers shortly.

Duffield Station was inspected and found to be in order.

All the best,