Monday, 28 January 2008

Monday 28th January 2008

Dear all
A fine sunny day at last that had the added excitement of an introduction to drain rodding, a satisfying experience but not a regular role for me! Nonetheless, Phil and I got two flows going one of which seems to have eliminated the flow of water onto a field at Alton Manor. We then carried on to Idridgehay and Duffield giving an opportunity to see progress on the Barnsley Lane bridge, observe Rod and Mary at work on the Idridgehay detraining ramp and speak to Derbyshire County Council who were working on the non slip surface for our Duffield footbridge.
We were pleased to see the progress made by Anthony Carline's new Saturday and Sunday permanent way teams, still small in number, but making great progress with clearing the sleepers of excess ballast - a very important task towards the Idridgehay reopening. If you can join him it would speed the process up - 0930 at Wirksworth each day.
The, to be, redundant "Commencement of Staff Section" sign was removed from the Hannages and the foot crossing sign on the down side turned to face the right way! A further burst of shunting took place for up coming work on the pit road and welding of the fire extinguisher fittings on the 2 Car Met-Cam.
The Maintenance  Facility saw further work on its steelwork and Margaret-Ann was prepared for service. The new Information and Shop suite was delivered to site and the lorry's hiab was used to moved the Lister to the north end of the narrow gauge tram. A bonus is that the Lister driver no longer has a view of the wall, nice though it is, and sits facing the yard.
The Booking Hall entertained a few visitors and fended off the usual phone calls.
A very pleasant and productive day.