Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Monday 14th - Tues 15th jan

Evenin' all,

Sorry, unable to send a Prog-rep last night due to computer problems,
but basically the old Tram Siding was re allignd and a start made on
packing it. Also the roadway around the shed was rough levelled.
At Idridgehay a contractor started digging the ditch on the Down Side.
Very few visitors.

Today saw our contractor swimming out to his digger in the torrential
rain. A paying guest arrived at 0800. The trip down the line was
exciting. The track was flooded in several places, with rails buried
and underwater . The river had burst its banks and our own drains could
hardly cope. The works train did not leave the yard. and the gangs who
braved the elements found jobs to do either inside sorting stuff or
carrying out further work on the Tram siding.

After lunch the second paying guest turned up. The rain had stopped by
now, and conditions had improved. The VCT ventured to Idridgehay
cutting and began clearance work there. The Ditching digger driver,
having finished the ditch started on levelling the spoil piles from the
Level Crossing work in October.

The Contractors at Barnsley lane left their vans and started working
again. The Per way team carried out work in the Yard. Steve had to turn
the heater down in his digger, but was able to continue work around the
shed, and adding hatdcore to the roadway

A very soggy day, tomorrow sees the works train away at 0800 to
deliver the digger driver to site, and move his machine at some stage.
Also a rail needs transporting - hope its drier!


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