Friday, 4 January 2008

Friday 4th January 2008

Dear all
A dank, foggy day with the permanent way team working overtime to deliver two rails to a site near Barnsley Lane to remedy a problem incurred whilst the line was dormant in the 90s. Permission was given to a farmer to cut the rails at his accommodation crossing to facilitate machinery movements between fields, we suspect this was in order to avoid repairs to the crossing timbers. On the initial clearance of the line this "gap" was bridged by insertion of two 10ft rails. This has to be remedied before passenger trains can operate as the rail joints are unacceptably close together. Thus the two new rails at a cost of £640!
This process involved loading the rails by forklift at Wirksworth onto the Sturgeon ( a special vehicle being capable of transporting 60ft rails ) and taken to site. After discharge of the two rails the Sturgeon was berthed at Shottle bringing an unexpected bonus of finding a small store of elastic track spikes which we thought we were running out of.
Back at base, the badly corroded blue container was partially cut up for scrap and the "new" oil store commissioned. Much tidying up of the Maintenance Facility site was achieved.
We were pleased to welcome the East Midlands Trains Depot Manager from Etches Park, Derby to explore areas of mutual interest. Two applications for shares were received including a regular supporter from Canada.
The Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors and I had a pleasant call of thanks from Network Rail to whom we lent the driving windscreens of the Museum GLV over the Christmas break. NR have 4 of these vehicles for de-icing of the 3rd rail in the south and our help enabled them to enter service as the temperature dropped below zero. Our reward is awaited!