Friday, 25 January 2008

Friday 25th January 2008

Dear all
A mixed day of progress that commenced with unloading yet another wagon of logs at the logging dept. This was followed by much shunting to put our new arrival "Jana" over the pit for the weekend and to reassemble the Works Train for a journey to fit 3 sets of lift plates on the newly installed rails near Barnsley Lane. These enable rails of different wear to be fishplated together to give a smooth ride. After service Claire was put on the pit with Jana.
Roy (72) and Les (77) beavered away at the new cable duct route and shovelled much material from the site of the new Information Office and Shop so that the tarmac can be laid once the building is in place.
Down at Idridgehay Rod and Mary applied paint to the new boarding ramp and the Buffet Car was prepared for its Sunday opening. The Booking Hall received visitors and another first train booking.