Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Wed 5th Dec

Evenin' all,

Passing showers, they said. Bah Humbug! Torrential downpours, i call

At Base, there was a dress rehearsal for Robin Hood and Co, part of
the Santa scenario, this was to see who wanted larger tights, I
suppose. The narrow gauge line was extended and some micro-ballast, re
psitioned. there has been a great upsurge on the NG line of late, and
progress is rapid.

The generator arrived to recharge L53, the Tube Lines loco. The driver
is here tomorrow to charge it and to move L53 and Nikki into the
Platform area.

David again paid attention to the station lighting and the telephone
system, he seems to be winning.

The Per way team were working in the Jebbs Lane area, there is one
panel of bullhead rail in the midst of 110lb F/B, some of this has the
chairs cast into and bolted into a concrete cattle creep, an unusual
construction which is similar to 'slabtrack'. 13 sleepers were renewed
around this underbridge, we are very height critical due to the centre
of the panel being fixed, A few more sleepers need to be changed
tomorrow, they would have been done today but due to the downpours, we
could not see what we were doing. Also routine clearance of the
recently dug drainage ditches, which had suffered from leaves in the
dyke. These were pulled out, and the flow improved.


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