Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Tues 18th Dec

Evenin' all,

Both level crossings have had their red stop discs fitted, the council
have also added the white stop lines on the roads, Mind you, Rood Lane
at Idridgehay is a single tracked road, so both sides have got stop
lines only about 4' wide/long, b eing half the width of the road!

Per wayfielded a strong team and managed to change 15 sleepers in the
area around Barnsley Lane. More tomorrow.

The VCT returned to their favorite occupation, and have started
gathering winter fuel in the 49 steps area, two goof ires to dispose of
the brash.

The 70's duo of Roy and Les have completed the digging of a channel
for the soon to be re-routed electric cable. Plastic troughing has been
laid out. More bits are arriving tomorrow.

More work on the NG line as well as chopping of firewood.

Tomorrow sees some Testing, with the works train working around it,
the train should be ready to leave by 0930.


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