Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Tues 11th Dec

Evenin' all,

Tube lines were again present, in order to charge up L53 ready for
more testing tomorrow. It looks lonely now than Nikki has left it -
obviously wanted to get back 'darn sarth'.

The works train firstly went to Idridgehay with some materials for the
VCT (or as we call them the bondary and fencing team. They spent the
day at Idridgehay and have now completed all of the fencing/ gates by
the Level Crossing. No one can now gain access without the keys. They
were joined by Mick and Dereck who added the alignment wheels as well
as the bolts to the main gates. they also stripped the remaining red
lights for refurbishment, as well as the red spots - they were of the
old style, new ones will replace them.

The Per way team returned to the cattle creep by Jebbs Lane where the
remaining sleepers were changed, the new panel was levelled up,
although more top stone is required. This has been quite a tricky
operation as the panel is obviously fixed to the bridge deck in the
centre which cannot be moved, everything else has to move relative to

Back at base, electrical work continued with the new lights for
platform 2,2a and 3. As well as more disconnection work in the Pit
area. The wood chopping team have nearly emptied their supply and now
wish for mor logs. They also had a bonfire to dispose of remaining
combustable material.

A day of glorious sunshine but freezing weather, all the ballast was
frozen, and the rails had a 'rine' on them adding to the difficulties.

More track refurb tomorrow, train leaves at 0930, returns at dusk.


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