Thursday, 13 December 2007

Thursday 13th December 2007

Dear all
A further 10 sleepers have been changed in the Barnsley Lane area in, what can only be described as, difficult conditions. The VCT completed Idridgehay fencing, burnt much pre-cut material south of the station and repaired the iron railings on bridge DJW 12 - the river bridge south of Idridgehay.
We had to change Claire over again for Sir Peter this afternoon with continued worries about an axle box running hot.
A representative of Wm Twiggs visited to measure the maintenance facility for its sheets, roof and one side, that are be funded by EVRA to the eternal gratitude of the engineers who presently work outside in all weathers.
At base there was continued preparation for Santa with stores being loaded onto the Buffet Car, bunting strung in the quadrangle and targets to Robin Hood prepared.
L53 had its final outing prior to despatch to Ruislip and will now leave us tomorrow morning. The Booking Hall welcomed visitors and took further Santa bookings. A lone permanent way man further extended the narrow gauge and the logging team continued their everlasting task.
Kind regards