Saturday, 15 December 2007

Sat 15th Dec

Evenin' all,

Unusual for me to be reporting on a Saturday.But as this was the first
day of the Santa Specials, they wanted someone reliable - instead, they
got me!

Very busy, with all trains 90% or higher capacity, Nottingham Castle
was positioned at crack of dawn (well about 10.00 hrs.) with the
Sheriff holding Santa in the dungeon. Fortunately train loads of people
were able to help Robin and the Merry Men rescue santa. To celebrate
the young helpers got their pressies and a trip to the Buffet Car. A
testing time for all concerned and much apreciated by the families who
attended. Tomorrow sees repeat performances.

Elsewhere more construction work in connection with the modifications
to the Pit area.

L53 finally got away after a couple of dummy runs. The Low loader was
blocked in for a while but magaged to slip away around lunchtime
between trains, the car park being filled with visitors.

A very enjoyable, if hard day, well done to all concerned.


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