Saturday, 1 December 2007

Progress Report Saturday 1st December 2007

Dear all,

A fine turn out today of various volunteers undertaking quite a range of
jobs. Further progress was made on the narrow gauge; engineers attended
to the class 31; 03 084 had its side rods replaced after machining;
Claire was given her weekly treatment. The Sheriff of Nottingham
continued the building work on Nottingham Castle and the castle is now
largely complete with its turrets and artistic stonework. The conscript
completed work on the new Ravenstor bench and then began the raking of
the wideway next to the incline line, and has several weeks work to look
forward to in order to prepare it for grass seeding in the spring. A low
loader attended and removed a piece of on-track plant which had been
tested and we look forward to the arrival of a further item on Monday
morning. The passenger service bobbled backwards and forwards and
further bookings were received for Santa and the Idridgehay Opening
Train. The marketing department, recently back from Itchy Bunion,
Pennsylvania, visited the site for discussions about the opening train
and two timing runs were carried out with the bubble car to Idridgehay
to allow us to sort out the 2008 timetable. The fastest run was 19
minutes, the slowest 25, which allows for differences in the stopping
place of the guards vans, the rapidity of the guard opening the gates,
the large amount of traffic and discussions about how horses are
permitted to cross. A large self-erecting blow-up rubber Santa was
placed in the platform quad to celebrate the season of goodwill and Duty
Managers are asked to turn it on when coming on duty and turn it off at
the end of the day, so that the public can admire its very bigness. If
anyone wishes to see an inflatable Panda, I am reliably informed there
is an interesting one in Ripley. At Duffield the many staff of that fine
station had cleared a great amount of tat from the platforms and
surroundings and were assisted by a number of people who have removed
the old fencing materials. As darkness fell we left them in the process
of changing the timetable boards on the main line station so that
passengers could read them under the central lights, as opposed to not
being able to read them where they had been put in a place with no
lights. I expect a full report from my esteemed colleague there at any

All the best,