Monday, 3 December 2007

Monday 3rd December 2007

Dear all
The day started with the ceremonial inflation of Santa and ended with his deflation - a process we will enjoy through the festive season, ho! ho! ho! Right, enough of all that and today saw great attention to the dmu fleet including a valeting of the "Bubble Car". The Booking Hall received a few visitors but no phone calls as there appears to be a malfunction in the wiring to be, hopefully, rectified tomorrow. A further flurry of Santa bookings were received and this season has all the makings of the best ever.
Claire had her bits oiled and greased and we were pleased to welcome L53 back into the fold late in the day. L2, a Shoma Diesel locomotive, is set to be on the doorstep tomorrow morning. Both locomotives will be with us for 2 weeks or so before returning to London.