Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Wednesday 14th October 2007

Dear all
Phil is rushing to the Lodge Meeting, otherwise known as the Permanent Way Institute, so I will summarise the day. A start was made with the Works Train visiting the base of the Incline to unload concrete toughing and a location box recovered from Idridgehay. These will be used in connection with the power supply to the Maintenance Facility.
In the station yard much activity surrounded the steam locomotives ready to have their boilers lifted off and Nottingham Castle was under construction - quite a tall order for Rod but after the shelter on Platforms 2 and 3 should be easy!
The Maintenance Facility also had its water supply reorganised by Roy(71) and Les(77) to make it more useable and out of the way of the scrap metal skip lorry.
The Permanent Way team completed the Wirksworth-Idridgehay signage with the erection of the Gorsey Bank Up Distant and replacement of a Stop, Look and Listen sign on the Hannages. We are just left with three signs to erect at Wirksworth to complete the re-signalling part of the Idridgehay project. After this endeavour a whole quarter mile of fishplates were removed, greased and replaced, only another 13 quarter mile sections to be tackled. They worked on into darkness as the last pair of fishplates released the pent up energy of the rails contracting in the fast falling temperature, we have to wait for warmer weather to correctly replace them.
A start was made on further dmu driver training utilising the Gorsey Bank passenger line during a hiatus in Tube Lines testing and further progress was made with the refurbishment of the Incline dmu car. One member, who whilst waiting for his wife to deliver the spare car keys, commenced post hole digging for one of the three Wirksworth Yard signs. As this was the second occasion, his wife was making her way slowly to Wirksworth to enable him to dig deeper.