Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wed 28th Nov

Evenin' all,

The works train left early with a good compliment of staff, carrying
the gates for Idridgehay Level Crossing. They were delivered, using
'Claire' in its debut role as works engine. The gates were
manhandledninto position and fitted perfectly (would you expect
otherwise?) Some further fitting out is required during the next few
days, but at least they are operational. Once again yellow plant was
first across. Before anyone asks, On Track Plant does constitute a

A new firm, to us, visited and carried out testing of a new trailer.
It had two trips up and down the line with final brake testing in the
yard in the dark - most exciting.

Elsewhere, more work on the interior of the Incline coach, the
'Sherrif' continued to build Nottingham Castle,aided and abbetted by
his Made Marian, asopposed to Maid Marian. The Booking hall had more
requests for Santa trips as well as a few visitors.


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