Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wed 21st Nov

Evenin' all,

The main activity saw the Per way team back on the blackstuff, once
again another quarter of a mile of track had all of its fishplates
taken off and fully greased up. The team have reached the end of the
houses at Bournbrook Ave. They also managed to correct a defective
joint that occurred last week. The rail temperature had dropped quickly
and the gap had opened up meaning that the fishplate could not be
fitted properly. The temperature had risen enough today to sort the
problem out. Remember that many of these plates may not have been off
for decades, many are 'rusted' in place by the old grease. Once they
have all been freed off, then special oil can be used in future.
Believe me it is a very hard and dirty task.

More driver training on Claire with several drivers having conversion
courses including some shunting maneuvers.

More attention paid to the Level Crossing gates, this time the new
hinges for the Idridgehay gates have been tried, some refurbishment
work was carried out on the gates themselves.

A team of builders were given a detailed tour of the bridges at
Barnsley lane, where the overbridge requires serious work to the
stonework at road level, a plan was also drawn up to clear the trees
that have fallen into the river and are forming a dam against the
arches of the bridge. Naturally the responsibility lies with the local
council to keep the watercourse clear at this point, but they are not
willing to carry out the work.

'Nottingham Castle' continues to be built, it is now almost
recognisable. Rod and Mary are having a whale of a time doing the work!
Internal work was also carried out on the green Incline coach. A few
more sleepers were laid on the Narrow Gauge line and more bags of
firewood were stacked.

Tomorrow sees the filling in of the holes around Gorsey Bank where the
Level Crossing gates posts were installed, as well as gathering up the
Anti Trespass guards.


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