Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Tues 6th Nov

Evenin' all,

Well, at long last, a good old fashioned hanging in Gorsey Bank. The
new gates for Gorsey Bank level crossing were transported to site today
and were hung in position. There still required a bit of work o make
them fit snuggly, some white paint, locks to be fitted, grills to be
added,etc. etc. But the fact remains that after an absence of many
years Gorsey Banks has gates back. Whilst we were at it, the fencing
team (AKA the VCT) fitted some palisade fencing panels across the 'rat-
run' leading to the play area. For a long time this has been a thorn in
our side.

We also responded to a call from a local farmer, whose cattle appeared
to like trains and who had found a way onto the track. The application
of some fencing wire has closed a number of cattle creep points.

A number of people came to examine the steam tank engines as part of
their survey, before further work is carried out.

More logs sawn up and sold, stocks replenished.

Tomorrow sees the works train in Duffield carrying out further track
improvements as well as some minor adjustments to Gorsey Bank crossing


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