Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Tues 27th Nov

Evenin' all,

Ah! The roar of the Grease paint and the smell of the crowd.

Two customers had paid for and loaded up with firewood by 0830.
meaning more to be chopped up this morning.

The VCT team were busy at Gorsey bank, adding one of the staff gates,
and prepping work for the other, as well as some fencing work. During
the afternoon a start was made on painting the Level Crossing gates
themselves, a lovely shade of white. This not only covered up work by
some local feckless ne'er-do-well, who decided to start painting the
gates for us, it also meant that when the per way team came back from
their toils, the paint was still wet, but hey ho, seeing as my hands
were covered in grease, I got my own back.

Per way continued their task of fish plate greasing, completing
another 12 panels, so we are now one joint short of 40 steps (or
however many there are), some ballast regulating was also achieved. We
were joined by one of the Loco engineerinng team who wanted some
excitement, and wanted to see what the track looked like from ground

More progress was made on the Narrow Gauge line with another couple of
panels being built up.

In Mick's play pen, Idridgehay gates saw more work and the fitting of
bits of hinges and things.

Admin wise, a further meeting regarding the TBTC testing, with another
loco coming next week (no. I dont know - watch this space, or come on
down to see it). The quote for repairs to Barnsley Lane bridge has been
recieved. The begging bowl will be passed out shortly! Next week's
paying quest is now coming early tomorrow morning.

Work tomorrow will require all hands to transport the gates from
Wirksworth to Idridgehay and to hang 'em. plus to collect the old
toilet block, and anti Tresspass guards - for dropping off at the first
accomodation crossing north of Idridgehay.


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