Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Tues 13th Nov

Evenin' all,

The VCT team carried on working in the Idridgehay area, disposing of
pre-chopped material, whilst the per way team were involved in more
signage work south of Shottle as well as moving a warning sign 1 meter
closer to the track just north of Idridgehay. They also recovered the
recently uplifted concrete troughing as well as a S&T Loc box from
Idridgehay. These have been brought to Wirksworth where they will be
reused in connection with electrical work in the yard. Other members of
the team carried out some boxing in of the ballast near Gorsey Bank as
well as a light bit of stoning up in the Pit area.

A team spent the day on the steam locos, preparing for their boilers
to be removed shortly. Very few visitors attended, as it was rather
cold and damp at times.

Tomorrow sees the works train being emptied of reclaimed material, the
installation of the Gorsey bank Up fixed distant, and equipping the
train for some sleeper replacement therapy.

Information has come to hand that a white transit sized vehicle is
'doing the rounds' nicking scrap. It must be remembered that scrap
prices are high at the moment and it is in our interests to be ever
vigilant to feckless ne'er do wells who have already visited other
railways in the area. Please remember to lock gates and report anything


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