Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thursday 22nd November 2007

Dear all
Much activity and back breaking work around Gorsey Bank level crossing with the wall retained for the wicket gate on the Wirksworth side, post holes filled and tarmaced, trespass guards recovered for reuse elsewhere and the drain catchpit cleared allowing a good flow of water. The Up side safe walking route was completed and a start made on the Down side until the stone ran out. This was all achieved but a combination of the VCT and Permanent Way team.
Back a base the narrow gauge extended a little more, the bank above the narrow gauge had further strimming and is looking very neat, and the logging dept. were in action. The janitorial team gave the Mess Hall a good going over and envelopes were stuffed for an upcoming mailing to shareholders.
The Booking Hall welcomed a few hardy visitors and a piece of equipment was delivered for testing a week on Wednesday. The caps for the Idridgehay gate posts were fabricated and all but completed.