Thursday, 15 November 2007

Thursday 15th November 2007

Dear all

Well, what a day! There was a concentration of activity in the Maintenance Facility area where the mega tidy up continued with the rusting blue container nearly emptied yielding a mix of scrap, valuable tools and Permaquip parts. (This container will be scrapped in due course) These items were filed respectively in the skip, in the new container and added to the vehicles for departure. The VCT undertook fencing work between the containers and the Incline to ensure the unsuspecting did not suddenly appear in front of an Incline train. We also welcomed a new recruit to the VCT after 44 years tending to the greens at Duffield golf course - a very pleasant addition complete with chain saw certificate.

Tripping hazards at the Cemetery Lane bridge where either scrapped or essential permanent way parts released for storage. Much work also continued on the steam locos and a start was made with driver training on Claire.

A major shunting exercise took place all day to try and achieve a more sensible berthing of stock at the north end of the Yard and release the three Permaquip vehicles to the Car Park ready for their departure to the Aln Valley Railway. Darkness descended suspending the exercise for more work another day.

The Incline dmu coach received further attention and the Booking Hall received a charter party for a Wirksworth to Ravenstor round trip at lunch time.