Sunday, 4 November 2007

Progress Report Sunday 4th Nov 2007

Dear all,

A day of many parts. Some gardening was done. Some work on the narrow
gauge was also done and the Lister was started and poddled up and down
the newly laid section of track with the tram, looking rather like a
mouse herding an elephant. The passenger service also poddled, as did
the till. A small clerks conference was held, risks were assessed and
various forms filled. The batteries were charged on the class 31 and its
interior decoration continued. The newly hung car park gates were
adjusted and the signs moved to go with them. The yard shunt signal had
a disc replacement and is now again in pristine condition. The Duffield
Station volunteers and their new hi-vis hats visited Wirksworth and were
displayed to the admiration, some might have said incredulity, of all

The entire and utter weekend permanent way gang first went down to Alton
Manor to remove mud from a selection of sleeper tops before a luncheon
of sweet and sour chicken. After luncheon, the entire and utter
permanent way gang went up to Ravenstor to fix the broken gate. Having
fixed the gate, the gang then recovered a bench from the far end of the
incline with the assistance of the train crew and brought it back for a
plank to be replaced. The gang then purchased himself a can of diet coke
and returned to Ravenstor with the keying hammer and walked the entire
Ravenstor Line by way of routine maintenance. The rest of us were quite

All the best, Anton