Saturday, 24 November 2007

Progress Report Saturday the 24th November 2007

Dear all,

A day of perishing parts which saw the engineers in attendance to the
routine maintenance of the 03s, the class 31 and Claire. Work proceeded
on the advancement of the narrow gauge in the morning, which also saw
the construction of a new bench for the top of the incline at Ravenstor,
using spare wood and assorted nuts and bolts. Holes were then dug for
the insertion of the bench and once the bench was carried manfully to
its appointed place, it was then dug in and the ground around it raised
(which was easier than cutting the legs down). Unlike the previous bench
this one is designed to last at least until Derby County win the
Premiership. The passenger service bobbled quietly along and a party
from the RCTS were given the Buckby Blue Badge Tour of the yard. Later
in the afternoon work was carried out to repair the viewpoint fence and
its bench, and after a long day of hammering, banging and tightening of
nuts, we declared ourselves well satisfied. In a final moment the
weighbridge was swept out, much to its surprise.

All the best,