Saturday, 17 November 2007

Progress Report Saturday 17th November 2007

Dear all,

Today saw the completion of Shunt of the Month, in which many items of
rolling stock were moved to create a little working space in the yard
and also to get Nottingham Castle out in preparation for its starring
role during the Santa weekends. For those of you who might suspect we
have got something no one else has heard of from the GWR, I have to
point out that it will shortly be a very crenellated brakevan.

Work continued on the narrow gauge with a new drain being put in north
of Cemetery Lane Bridge and the trackbed being prepared with ballast at
the waterfall end. In terms of priority tasks we completed the
preparation of the necessary holes for signs near the weighbridge and
opposite the dust dock, but have not dealt with the movement of scrap
today, as the conscript was particularly small, probably having his
collar felt for some minor misdemeanor such as insulting a policeman in
ladies lingerie. However, he did tidy up the area outside the
weighbridge. The passenger service ran, the buffet was open, some minor
repairs were carried out around the station and Duffield was inspected.

All the best,