Monday, 19 November 2007

Progress at Duffield: October and November 2007

Sat 20th Oct (Afternoon) Watered plants on mainline,collected leaves from around office and put back on stand large water container that had blown off in gales.

Sat 27th Oct (Afternoon) Picked up litter between tunnel and bridge, removed firewood off the Down Slow Platform and delivered, inspected work done to curved track last Thursday.

Sun 28th Oct (Afternoon) Dropped off three dustbins for leaf collection around office area.

Wed 31st Oct (Evening) Cleared worst of leaves up from around office, took down and emptied office hanging basket, removed dead plants from around Gerrainiums(Which will 'Winter') in office planters, then rang Head Gardener Mrs.'D' about mainline plants.

Sat 3rd Nov (Afternoon) Took down hanging baskets at mainline platforms, moved all the rest of the firewood on large pallets from the Down Slow platform to Platform 3, awaiting member coming to collect it. Mowed the platform lawn for the last time this year,collected one large builders bag full of leaves up from around office and surrounding area, took the grass cuttings and leaves off site to be recycled.

Sun 4th Nov (Afternoon) Looking at job of changing notices in display boards at mainline, to see what special spanners would be required. Put rail trolley away and locked it up and then inspected suitable place to ask Local Council to fit Litter bin on top of A6 bridge.

Wed 7th Nov (Evening) Changed 'Friends of The Valley Line'notices in display cabinets at mainline car park and platforms 1&2.

Fri 9th Nov (Evening) Moved rail trolley down to office area to save daylight time tomorrow, inspected line fom buffer stop to just North of tunnel, checking to see if manhole chambers on that section of line had got pallets on them to protect them,removing litter from beneath and adjacent A6 bridge.

Sat 10th (Afternoon) Did some tiding up around office area,took small pallets down near buffer stop out of public view(Awaiting Phil Tarry to collect them for Shottle yard),took some sugar stone from office compound by rail trolley and placed it in signal box hole,collected more leaves up from around office area and visiting member collected all his wood from off platform 3. Duty Manager came down from Wirksworth and inspected the station site (complete) and was taken round to be shown future work planned.

Sun 11th Nov (Afternoon) Did some 'Extreme' tidying up( Getting Down on Bended Knees) around office, getting up all leaves off an area of plastic membrane to have stone layed on it. Then all the small stone ballast we had in bags brought down from Wirksworth was laid onto the area just cleaned. Also a start was made on the 'Discrete' access gate being inserted into the 'Post and Rail' fence from the car park to the foot bridge (This gate will be for Staff use only, for the time being).

Sun 18th Nov (Afternoon) Today saw quite a large number of names in our book for Duffield (7),our three usual members of staff were all busy and we were joined for the first of several weeks by two local lads doing some community work/service for their Duke of Edinburgh's award. Later a member staff's father turned up and gave a hand, before taking his son home and just as we were leaving, our usual Wirksworth member called in on his way home from HQ. Most of the tall standing weeds were removed from platform 3 and a start was made on removing new sapling growth off 'The Down Slow' platform. The last half tonne of sugar stone in bags (previously surfacing 'Rodney's Rock Garden)was taken down by rail trolley and placed in the signal box hole. All the large pallets, that the wood was on, were taken down and stacked by the smaller ones. Ten plus small tree stumps were prized up out of the track in the platform 3 area, leaving only two that could not be got out and more tiding/ putting things back in their usual place was done around the office.

Rodney Thorne