Monday, 26 November 2007

Monday 25th November 2007

Dear all
The day has been quite productive with Phil and I trying to understand why the road/rail lorry has proved to be prone to derailment. With the experience gained from the many machines that visit us for testing we found that by lowering the tyre pressure the vehicle was able to negotiate all our point work and raised check rail to enable a whole line weed treatment programme. The only thing that defeated it was a diamond crossing at the north end of the Yard at Wirksworth where further research is necessary.
Back at base the Booking Hall fielded the phone calls inviting us to take a number of solutions to boost our profits but offering no hard cash.
Musing on the energy devoted to sourcing the mystery photo, I have to say (and it's your fault Vince Morris) that we have a very tall order to meet our desire to open the line to Idridgehay on Saturday 8th March - it will need all hands to the pump to achieve this - so please leave your keyboard alone and join us to achieve a physical result. If the physical is difficult please put your money in an envelope to help us ensure the next milestone is met.